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  • What is the length of one production day?
    An average production day is 10 hours, but this depends on the production.
  • What is your billing address?
    Dok1Media N.V. Industriestraat 5C 2500 Lier Belgium email:
  • What is our VAT number?
  • Can I do an internship at DOK1 Media?
    Yes, depending on what the internship is. You can always send your application and we will answer your request shortly.
  • I am a writer. Can I send in my script/book/idea?
    Of course, you can always contact us via telephone (03 369 86 39) or e-mail (
  • What is your core business?
    We are a production company producing entertainment and fiction projects.
  • Do you have any experience?
    Yes. We have over 24 years of experience and we work with experienced teams.
  • Do you offer financial support?
    We will look together with you for the right financial support.
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